Dr.Wu Shicun Attended the 34th Asia-Pacific Roundtable

August 25, 2021

On 18 August 2021, Dr. Wu Shicun, Founding President of National Institute for South China Sea Studies and Chairman of the Board, China-Southeast Asia Research Center on the South China Sea, attended the 34th Asia-Pacific Roundtable, which was hosted by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia.

Dr. Wu spoke at Session 4: Simmering Waters and Unsettling Undercurrents: The New Normal of the South China Sea. He shared his insights on current features and trends in the South China Sea (click for full speech).

The 34th Asia-Pacific Roundtable focuses on the theme of “Disruption Redux”, underscoring the ongoing disruptive impacts of the global pandemic on various spheres of the evolving architectures and mechanisms underpinning the Asia Pacific, and its long-term ripple effects.